Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac., Dip.C.H. Acupuncturist - Educator - Author - Speaker


Healing and Education in Chinese Medicine

Ellen Goldsmith is a board-certified and licensed Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner, teacher, author, and speaker.

For 30 years, Ellen has been teaching and helping people make positive lifestyle changes that improve their health and quality of life.

Ellen is on a mission to educate people and professionals through classes, speaking engagements, lectures, and podcasts to help people build their health and vitality.

Chinese Medicine Simplified

Ellen clarifies how to utilize the foundations of health in Chinese medicine to everyday life. Her empathetic and holistic approach to wellness has helped many find and understand the necessary tools to improve overall well-being.

Whether you’re seeking help on a journey to improved health and wellness or searching for a knowledgeable speaker to educate your audience, Ellen teaches how to promote health with methods found in Chinese medicine, such as food as medicine, acupuncture, bodywork, herbalism, Qi Gong, and lifestyle changes.

Featured Services

  • Clinical Expertise: Gain insights and solutions from over 30 years of clinical experience practicingChinese medicine and acupuncture.

  • Holistic Health Focus: Learn to incorporate holistic health practices and lifestyle changes in the context of your life for improved well-being.

  • Nutritional Guidance: Benefit from Ellen's extensive knowledge on food as medicine and nutritional healing with Chinese medicine.

  • Educational Opportunities: Access a variety of learning formats, including workshops, lectures, and podcasts.

  • Personal Empowerment: Receive guidance that empowers you to make informed lifestyle changes for better health

  • Professional Development: Enhance your practice or healthcare offering with education in Chinese medicine principles and techniques.

Featured Services


Speaking Engagements

Ellen offers insightful talks, classes, and lectures on various topics designed to educate and improve audiences’ understanding how to improve health, well-being, and performance with the principles of Chinese medicine.


Personal Wellness

With doable and effective strategies, Ellen meets you where you are to help you heal. You can develop the skills you need to manage your well-being and feel more connected, balanced, and resilient to regain your health.

“Those who take medicine and neglect their diet,
waste the skill of the physician.”
-Chinese Proverb

Frequently Asked Questions:

Chinese Medicine is the oldest form of medicine globally practiced. It combines acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, exercise, bodywork and lifestyle changes. Chinese medicine aims to restore body balance, address health issues, and promote wellness by enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities.

In Chinese medicine, the foods we eat are fundamental to health. The practice focuses on the therapeutic and medicinal properties of food to help you make dietary choices that meet individual needs and supports balance in your life.

Yes, Ellen provides individual acupuncture treatments and personalized consulting for various health conditions In addition she develops customized strategies to improve health and address specific health and wellness goals, using food and lifestyle adjustments based on Chinese Medicine principles.

Ellen’s events offer an understanding of Chinese Medicine as applied to life in an ever changing world. They are designed to be informative, engaging, and empowering to bring improved health.

Begin by scheduling a consultation, booking her to speak to your organization, attending a workshop or event, or reading her book, “Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine.” These resources provide a solid foundation for integrating Chinese Medicine practices into your life.

Ellen’s book is available through major book retailers online and in stores. Or, you’re invited to purchase the book directly from Ellen. Click here to purchase Nutritional Healing With Chinese Medicine today.

“The body is the vehicle of consciousness.”

- Joseph Campbell

Personalized Healing and Education for Modern Wellness

As an expert board-certified and licensed Chinese medicine practitioner, teacher, speaker, and author, Ellen offers her unique expertise to those wishing to benefit from the wisdom of Chinese medicine.

Whether you're reading Ellen's book, Nutritional Healing With Chinese Medicine, seeking her speaking expertise for your next health conference, or exploring holistic treatments for personal wellness, you’ll find her approach tailored to meet you where you are and support your wellness journey.

Connect with Ellen to harness the healing power of Chinese medicine in your own life or to share it with others.

Client Testimonials

“Ellen Goldsmith takes the physical and emotional complexities of the world we live in and creates focused healing opportunities for the people lucky enough to partner with her.”

- Frank Etxaniz - Founder, Kids Heal

“I have been seeing Ellen for acupuncture on and off for 6 years. I truly feel she provides excellent care! I suffered from years of GI pain, and have seen significant improvements. I have a challenging, yet rewarding, job and seeing Ellen for self-care has kept my health in top shape. She is thoughtful, patient, and thorough. A visit leaves me rejuvenated and relaxed.”

- W.B., Oncology Nurse

“Ellen was recommended to me for acupuncture to treat my chronic migraines. I have been free of headaches for 8 months and have not renewed my migraine medication for 9 months. Not only am I pain free but I did a cleanse under Ellen’s guidance and have lost over 20 pounds. I have more energy and Ellen was a major factor in supporting me to get there.”

- S.R., Retired engineer

“I’ve been seeing Ellen Goldsmith for acupuncture care to treat chronic neck & shoulder pain that I had been experiencing for roughly 4 years. It was my first experience with acupuncture and she listened to me attentively and asked follow-up questions that showed she was genuinely concerned and wanted to assist in healing me. She has done such a magnificent job with treating my pain.”

- A.W.

“Thank you so much for your class. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you - your passion, your expertise and your desire to further and promote the art and practice of Chinese dietetics. From the readings to the case studies, you thoughtfully and intentionally created a curriculum with the students’ interest in mind.”

- L. C., Chinese medicine student in the College of Classical Chinese Medicine, Portland, Oregon

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