About Ellen Goldsmith, Chinese Herbalist & Licensed Acupuncturist

Experience Ellen's deep-rooted passion for holistic healing and expertise in Chinese medicine.


Chinese Herbalist Portland, Oregon

Ellen Goldsmith is a board-certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. With over three decades in holistic health, Ellen Goldsmith is a beacon of wellness. She seamlessly blends Chinese medicine principles with modern life nuances.

Ellen's compassionate touch helps people overcome stress, trauma, and a myriad of health challenges. Whether working with individuals, classrooms, or companies, she expertly guides people to rediscover vitality and balance in their lives.

Her philosophy? A life rhythm rooted in balanced nutrition, regular exercise, restorative sleep, and effective stress management. Ellen has empowered countless souls through her journey, instilling them with the tools for physical and mental harmony.

Decades of Expertise

Ellen Goldsmith, an adept practitioner of Chinese medicine at Pearl Natural Health, channels rich experience and a passion for ancient healing arts. Rooted in a holistic well-being commitment, Ellen's journey centers on understanding the body's natural balance.

As a Chinese herbalist, she is a trusted figure in the wellness community, offering a personalized touch that caters to individual needs. Ellen's dedication extends beyond treatments; she is devoted to educating and empowering clients to their health.

Grounded in Chinese medicine principles, Ellen underscores mindful living and dietary choices as essential components. Her guidance mirrors a profound comprehension, illustrating how simple adjustments can catalyze transformative health changes.

Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

Passionate Educator

Through lectures, her acclaimed book, and podcast, Ellen passionately shares the wonders of health, wellness, and Chinese medicine.

Trusted Consultant

Assisting top-tier businesses, Ellen infuses Chinese medicine wisdom into groundbreaking food products and wellness programs.

Committed Advocate

Ellen's vast experience showcases her unwavering commitment to advancing Chinese herbal medicine across multiple platforms.


Your Guide to Optimal Health

Ellen Goldsmith’s mission, rooted deeply in her experience and passion, is to empower individuals on their transformative journey to better health and true well-being with Chinese medicine.

Whether you have the opportunity to engage with Ellen in a face-to-face session, connect with her in a comprehensive virtual consultation, or are inspired by her during public speaking engagements or media appearances, she is unwavering in her commitment.

Ellen - the Chinese herbalist, is excited to share the profound benefits of Chinese medicine. With Ellen as your guide, a harmonious and invigorating journey to wellness awaits.

Ellen's Diverse Avenues of Healing Expertise

Ellen Goldsmith radiates expertise through various impactful avenues. Her acclaimed book provides readers with profound insights into holistic health.

Through her enlightening podcast, listeners are introduced to the nuances of Chinese medicine. Her media appearances further amplify her message, while her dedicated teaching nurtures the next generation of practitioners. As a sought-after speaker, Ellen captivates audiences with her knowledge and passion.

Beyond this, her consulting work aids businesses in integrating holistic principles, and her individual services offer personalized healing experiences, making Ellen a multifaceted ambassador for Chinese medicine and holistic well-being.

Connect with Ellen

Connect with Ellen for personalized holistic health services or to explore her impactful speaking engagements tailored to inspire and educate. Whether it's individual care or enlightening an audience, Ellen's expertise shines.