Podcast: Insomnia? Tips for Better Sleep

Insomnia? Tips to improve your sleep

Sleep is key to functioning well and feeling well. Are you one of the tens of millions of people who cannot sleep well or have insomnia? Did you know that it is a public health epidemic?

Lack of sleep affects our mood, our functioning, our stress levels. Losing even an hour of sleep per night results in the loss of one night of sleep per week. We are a nation of people who don’t get enough sleep. We can change that.

Listen in as Ellen Goldsmith, L.Ac. takes you through possible reasons why you may not be sleeping well, what you can do, and what type of health care provider could offer help in improving your sleep without long term use of sleeping aids.insomnia, better sleep, Ellen Goldsmith

We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep. – William Shakepseare



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Ellen Goldsmith

Ellen Goldsmith

Ellen Goldsmith is a licensed and nationally board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She has been in the field of Asian medicine for the past 30 years, teaching, speaking and working with thousands of people to give them the resources, skills and tools they seek to improve the quality of their health and lives. Ellen is the author of the well respected book, Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine: + 175 Recipes for Optimal Health. She is on faculty at the National University of Natural Medicine’s College of Classical Chinese Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

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