Thriving During Change: Preparing for Spring

Snow and freezing rain can be themes of February, but there is no dispute that the days are getting brighter and longer. The frozen ground in some parts of the country is beginning to thaw. Some winter blooms are beginning to appear. As we pass the Chinese lunar new year, spring is emerging ever so slowly.

How do we navigate the continuing cold while the spring emerges? How do we protect our inner warmth while preparing ourselves to meet the uprising energy of spring just five weeks away?

Join me once again to explore transition and how to thrive in this period in which we move from the hibernation of winter towards emergence in spring. We want to be ready, warm, protected and able to partake when spring comes remaining healthy and vital.

This class includes:

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient

    An overview of the changing season through the lens of Chinese medicine and its impact on our health

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient

    Recommended foods and ways of cooking for navigating the change from winter to spring.. Seasonal recipes are referenced from her book.

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient

    Activities to support health and balance in each season

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient

    Common health challenges in each season and how to minimize them

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient

    Time for questions and answers

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient

    A copy of the recorded session + note transcript of the class

This class can be taken on its own or as part of a seasonal series. (See dates below) To purchase the entire series (with replays), please contact Ellen directly at:


About Ellen Goldsmith, licensed acupuncturist:

Ellen Goldsmith is a nationally board certified, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who has been practicing, teaching and consulting in the field for the last 30 years. Her integrative body centered and intuitive approach is grounded in decades of study and experience which are key to collaborating and working with people and organizations to support wholeness and health. She is author of the well received book Nutritional Healing with chinese Medicine: + 175 Recipes for Optimal Health which she wrote for her colleagues, students of nutrition and Chinese medicine, her patients and the general public to bring the power of Chinese medicine and nature into our everyday lives. She is on faculty of the College of Classical Chinese medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and is a frequent speaker and guest on numerous media platforms.

Class Dates

 All classes are on a Tuesday at 6PM - 7:15 PM PT and are recorded for future viewing.

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient
    Transitioning to Spring

    Tuesday, February 15th

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient

    Tuesday, March 22nd

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient

     Tuesday, June 14th

  • 2-Therapy Line_herb, leaf, natural, ingredient
    Transitioning to Autumn

     Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 



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