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Ellen Goldsmith delivers a transformative experience in the timeless wisdom of Chinese medicine.


Finding Clarity in Chinese Medicine

So many people today feel frustrated trying to find natural solutions to improve their health by food and medicine. Distractions of modern life often drown out timeless truths. The plethora of health and wellness information and all of the conflicting advice out there creates confusion and overwhelm.

Many people want to get a Chinese medicine consultation and experience its legendary benefits but don’t know who to trust to guide them on the journey. Ellen Goldsmith brings the deep insights of Chinese medicine into today's context, providing a clear path amidst the chaos.

Chinese Medicine Approach to Balanced Living

Ellen Goldsmith is a board-certified acupuncturist, herbalist, and author with a rich background. For over 30 years, Ellen has been a health and wellness speaker who focuses on Chinese herbal medicine education. At the heart of her food and medicine practice and teachings lies the Chinese philosophy of harmony and balance.

Beyond her clinical work, Ellen passionately believes that food isn't just sustenance. It's a potent daily medicine. With Ellen as your guide, your audience can delve deep into a world where every meal is a step toward holistic health, understanding, and true well-being.

Chinese Medicine Education and Modern Life

When organizations invite Ellen Goldsmith to speak about Chinese medicine education, attendees are in for a transformative experience. They are captivated by her dynamic, interactive sessions that illuminate and inspire. Attendees leave equipped with tangible insights from Chinese medicine that can be incorporated into daily routines and motivated to lead a life of deep-rooted wellness.

By aligning with Ellen as their guide, participants not only gain a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine's ageless benefits but also grasp the profound relationship between food and overall health, uncover day-to-day practices that bolster balance and vitality, and truly embrace the harmonious rhythm that life offers.

Embracing Nutrition the Chinese Medicine Way

Explore Ellen's expertly curated sessions on Chinese medicine. These topics blend Chinese herbal medicine education with modern practices, offering a holistic approach to health and wellness.

East Meets West in the Kitchen:

Explore the fusion of global flavors while tapping into Chinese medicine's nourishing principles.

Seasonal Eating for Optimal Health:

Learn to align your diet with the seasons, harnessing nature's rhythm for peak health.

Infuse Your Food With Energy:

Dive deep into how Chinese medicine views food, energizing each meal for optimal well-being.

Building a Healthy Immune System:

Gain insights into foods and practices that bolster the body's natural defenses, the Chinese way.

Food as Medicine:

Uncover the profound healing powers that everyday foods hold, as seen through the lens of ancient wisdom.

Reducing Stress:

Grasp ancient techniques to manage and mitigate stress, promoting inner peace and external vitality.

Integrating Chinese Dietary Therapy:

Merge Western nutritional knowledge with age-old Chinese dietary techniques for a balanced diet.

Recovering From Illness:

Master the art of eating to heal, understanding the best foods and practices post-illness.

Have a different Chinese medicine topic in mind? Ellen welcomes your ideas and inquiries!


A Health and Wellness Speaker Specializing in Chinese Medicine

A respected Chinese medicine educator, author, and speaker, Ellen Goldsmith enlightens audiences with the transformative power of Chinese herbal medicine. Whether you're a school, university, organization, or conference, she’s not just eager but deeply passionate about sharing her food and medicine expertise.

Ellen understands the modern needs of today's world and expertly shares how to tap into the profound connection between food and medicine and the timeless benefits of Chinese medicine. Beyond a health and wellness speaker, Ellen is open to collaborations to craft bespoke wellness programs tailored for organizations or the privilege of joining your show as a special guest, adding value and depth.

Share Food and Medicine Secrets With Your Audience

Book Ellen Goldsmith for your next event and discover Chinese medicine's age-old secrets for balance, health, and vitality.